by Wm. Anthony Connolly
In the tree-line shadow
A man wears a large hare’s head
Naked from the waist down
Mud and blood splattered hopping.
Usually I would have
Kept going, instead I take one
Illegal highway switchback
Park by the side of the road.
Cutting through the grass quietly
At an angle to surprise the beast
Turns out to be a plastic shopping bag
Snared and screaming in the wind.
Riot of stripped limbs and quivering
Weeds, I fall into the waist-high wheatgrass
Crying. I’ve been so – tired
And looking back at my car
The terrible sight behind clutching the wheel.
A giant rabbit with a man’s head turning,
Chewing an enormous carrot, although
I couldn’t
I couldn’t be sure.

Wm. Anthony Connolly is the author of three novels: The
Jenny Muck, Get Back, and The Obituaries (a Canadian
bestseller). His work has appeared in The Rumpus, Intellectual
Refuge, Empty Mirror Books, Elephant Journal and other
“Rabbit” is from the poetry collection Psalms &
Stones to be released this summer by Spartan Press.
He is on
the faculty of the MFA in Writing at Lindenwood University and
teaches academic writing and journalism at Emporia State
University. He lives in the Midwest with his wife Dyan and
their two dogs.