fiction, poetry, a little craziness & more            September 2009
Gemini Magazine
Photo by David A. Bright

Simon Leigh FLASH FICTION "Dickie"

Bernadete Piassa FICTION "The Dwarves of Paissandu Street"

M. Kechula FICTION "The Greatest Flamenco Dancer In All Flydom"

Smokey Miles POEM "Fragmented"

Joan McNerney POEM "Birthday Present"

Amber Lupton MEMOIR "STAND UP!: Remembering Sri"

Dan Elliot Jr. ESSAY
"A Rational Argument for the Return of the Guillotine"

Aurora M. Lewis POEM "Blue Beads"

Tzu-Yeh? POEM "A Girl Strolling"
Translated from the Classical Chinese by Taylor Stoehr

Matt Tuckey FLASH FICTION "The Machines"

Julene Tripp Weaver POEM "You Will Not Bring Home Jesus Christ"

Anne Whitehouse POEM "Mother and Child"

Philip Bernhardt FICTION "The Teaberry Fortune"

Maureen Wilkinson FLASH FICTION "Goodbye, Mama"

Mary J. Daley FICTION "Wayward Conception"

Ben Brooks SHORT PLAY "Alienation"

Lucy James POEM "The Naughty Girl"

Aurora M. Lewis POEM "Wrong Way"

David Bright INTERVIEW "Willie Dixon...On the Road to Newport"


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