by Russ Dickerson
Fuck is the magic word
or, fuck me, so I’ve heard.
It may seem a bit fucked up.
It may sound absurd.

But stop and fucking think
of all the fucking ways
that all those fucking fucks
can fucking be displayed.

A noun, you fuck.
Fuck you, a verb.
The fucking word is adjective.
It fucking rules adverbs.

Substituting parts of speech
at every fucking turn.
Motherfucker! Don’t want to
Fuck my mother,
Get fucked,
but, fuck me,
I love fucking my lover when
a fuck-load of love is returned.

You funny fucker, you’re fucking funny,
a fuck where it’s conceivable.
Fuck this job and fuck the money,
it’s so un-fucking-believable.

No matter what language
it’s never misconstrued,
all of God’s children
know how to fuck you.

The fucking of time,
the fucking of minds,
the fucks that the fucking
will always define.

Older in history
love, lust, or luck,
Fuck is the mystery,
out-fucking the fucked.
Russ Dickerson recently received an
English degree in Creative Writing from the
University of West Florida. He is currently
seeking publication of his first novel, From
the Trail: The Birth of an Urban Shaman.