Alana Speth lives and writes in
Williamsburg, Virginia, where walks in
Colonial Williamsburg provide fodder for
her novel-in-progress. A Pennsylvania
native and New Englander-at-heart,
she holds an MA in comparative history
from the College of William & Mary and
a BA from Smith College.
Jordan Kit attends Baldwin-Wallace
College in Berea, Ohio, where he is
assistant managing editor of Buzz!
Magazine. He has held a lifelong interest
in reading and writing poetry, prose,
and experimental pieces and hopes to
pursue a career in journalism or
publishing upon graduation.
Melissa Santos taught English at
New Bedford High School in
Massachusetts and is currently
working on her MA in English at
Bridgewater State University. She
writes fiction and creative nonfiction.
Mary Stone Dockery's poetry and prose
has appeared or is forthcoming in
Thunderclap Magazine, Hobble Creek Review,
Half-Way Down the Stairs, Notes Magazine, A
Clean Well-Lighted Place, Mochila, and many
other journals. In 2011 she received the
Langston Hughes Creative Writing Award in
Poetry. Currently, she lives and works in
Lawrence, Kansas, where she teaches
English and co-edits the Blue Island Review.
Peter Jang is pursuing an MFA in creative
writing at the Art Institute of Chicago. He is a
recent graduate of Fordham University where
he studied English literature and creative
writing. For his short story, "Thanksgiving," he
was awarded the Margaret Lamb/Writing to
the Right-Hand Margin Prize in Creative
Writing. Peter is at work on his first novel. He
blogs at
Nancy Geibe Wasson holds degrees in
English, journalism and creative Writing.
She is a member of the Society of
Professional Journalists, continues her
creative writing education through UCLA,
and has published several pieces locally. A
copywriter, creative writer, avid reader and
new blogger at,
she enjoys all types of literature.
These dedicated souls provided
invaluable assistance in the production
of this issue and their efforts are
greatly appreciated.
Tyler Edwards was raised in
a small town in Eastern Ontario
where he attended a private
school in the country. Amidst the
beautiful scenery it was easy to
imagine elves and gremlins in
the shadows beneath the trees,
and his imagination blossomed.
He now lives in the city but his
love of fantasy and storytelling
has continued, leading him to
write four (as yet unpublished)
fantasy novels and several
dozen short stories in various
genres. He blogs at
Jaime Wolcott is a senior at
UMass Boston studying English
Literature. She is passionate about
short fiction and poetry and has
focused her studies on these areas
while working towards her BA.
David Bright started Gemini
Magazine in April 2009. His work can
be found in places like The Café Irreal,
flashquake, The Iconoclast, Nuvein,
TPQ Online, and 100 Word Story. He is
a graduate of UMass Boston.