by Lucy James
I have remained true

To my humble beginnings

You have strayed

From the intended path

And you hound me to change

With every uttered sound

“Be a good girl,” you chide

I will not

“Be a good girl,” you plead

I cannot

“Be a good girl,” you demand


There’s no fun in being good

It goes against my nature

And your nature, too

If only you would listen

To that small, inner voice

Deep inside your being

Listen for it

Be very still

At the very least

Just be quiet

So I can’t hear you anymore

And I can be who I need to be

The naughty girl

Who gets her way

At any cost

The naughty girl

Who always wins

No matter what is lost.
Lucy James' poetry
has been published in
The Truth Magazine
and Democrat's Soul,
and is forthcoming in
A Generation Defining
Itself. She is currently
working on her first
poetry collection.
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