by Bill Marable
God is merciful God is good
Even to a broken brother from the hood
This I know for sure is true
Cause He showed up for me right out the blue

Down on luck and short on change
He showed me a sign man it was strange
Standing at the counter at the local five n dime
Was this cat I knew, his intentions same as mine

Lifting the corner of his shirt for the cashier he revealed
The handle of the gun he had until then concealed
His right hand on the grip his left carrying the note
"if you smart Honey put the cash in my tote"

But little did he know, didn't even suspect
Never saw it coming, much to his regret
The manager had been watching from a room in back
For it was me he thought who would lead the attack

Cloaked with the element accompanied in surprise
The manager foiled the theft much to my friend's demise
I left the store no richer than when I came
But my outlook on life would never be the same
Gemini Magazine
$50 Prize
Bill Marable (above) is a long-time member of the
Griot Collective of West Tennessee, a poetry
workshop he credits for much of his success as a
poet. His poems have appeared in several poetry
anthologies, including Beneath the Baobab (Vol. I, II
& III) and one of his poems received second place
honors in the 2002 Detroit Writer's Guild poetry
contest. He is publisher of the West Tennessee
Examiner weekly newspaper. The father of six lives in
Humboldt, Tennessee with his wife Teresa.