I was 102 pounds when I
went to my Junior Prom. I was
103 when I lost my virginity. I
was 130 when I graduated
college. I was 128 when I got
married and 135 on my
honeymoon. It was in Tuscany. I
was 156 when I was five months
pregnant. I was 156 after I lost
the baby. I thought the hole left
in me would have weighed more.
I was 140 when I got pregnant
again. I was 190 before I gave
birth to my first child. I was 165
for the longest time. But I was
all the way down to 150 when
he left me. I was 140, a lovely,
slim, but supple 140 when my
daughter went off to college. I
was 130 when they diagnosed

I am 102 pounds again, and still,
he won't call.

Kate Maruyama is a part-time teacher and
co-founder of
Annotationnation.com. Her work
has appeared on Salon.com and  Halfway Down
the Stairs. She is completing her Master's in
Fiction at Antioch University Los Angeles and is
revising her second novel.

Gemini Magazine
Flash Fiction
the weight
of things
by Kate Maruyama
October 2009