Bird Droppings
Under the Marula tree
I sit patiently for bird droppings
to splatter on my head
ten minutes pass
and still no sign of the creature

I conclude to myself
that she must be busy mating
or trying to find
the right position to strike me
after all, birds are clever
the procedure has to be done
with careful analysis

After a long wait
it finally happens
I feel a cold splatter on my head
she has done the business
blessings are heading my way

These are wise lessons
I was given by my forefathers
be it myth or legend
tradition has always
reincarnated the ages
The Boiling Pot
On a rectangular canvas
he drew the President’s genitals
an AK-47 pointing south
the Ministerial cabinet below
licking the Excellency’s scrotum

It was all over the news
the media made a meal over it
while some were adamant
calling it freedom of expression

He returned once more
painting a naked dead President
molested by his cadre
sucking his wrinkled saggy breast
with affectionate smiles

In the light of this venture
some of us were left to question
the purpose of artistry
in a nation that lives in crisis
what can we truly grasp
from the vivid portrayal
of human genitals?

Lazola Pambo is a South African poet, novelist
and essayist holding a BA in Creative Writing
from the University of South Africa. Most of his
work has been published in BlazeVOX, Sentinel
Literary Quarterly, The Criterion, and
STORGY Magazine. Follow him on Twitter