by Vivian Faith Prescott
Will trade smoked fish for spaghetti sauce, meatless;

elbow macaroni, corn and rice cereal. Will trade bucket

of clams for evaporated milk, skim sliced American

cheese. Use in soups, melt on toast, cut it up, top it.

Teach my children to check for bulging cans, spurting

liquid, rust, leakage, foul odor, broken seals, and insects.

Use by the turn of the next century. Use by the time their

father gets home. Use by the time he staggers up my

driveway during a 3:00 a.m. high tide.

Vivian Faith Prescott’s poetry appears in Turtle Quarterly, Drunken Boat, Catapult to
Mars, Yellow Medicine Review, and Gutter Eloquence. Her first book of poetry, The Hide of
My Tongue, was recently released by Plain View Press. Her digital poetry chapbook, Slick,
appears online at White Knuckle Press. She recently received the Jason Wenger Award
for Literary Excellence. A fifth generation Alaskan, she is co-director of Raven's Blanket, a
non-profit designed to perpetuate cultural traditions of indigenous peoples. She also
facilitates writers' groups for adults and teens.