by t.m. thomson
3 AM—
stirring    shifting    staring
at curve of mirror.
should I cut my hair
now that I’m older
what happens to our cats
if I should die.
Remembering that time I tripped
in front of everyone
every time I misspoke    stuttered
Shadows blind me
ceiling fan screams.
Then your hand
alights on my back
settles like a warm
heavy bird roosting
on sinew and bone
gently tapping and rocking
to night’s rhythm—
its crickets   its lit up places
between trees    its moon
to make way for daybreak’s
smudge of rouge pointing
the way to sun.
I sink below the horizon
of sleep trusting
our nest against wind
and chance and age.

Three of t.m. thomson’s poems have been
nominated for Pushcart Awards. She is co-
author of Frame and Mount the Sky (2017) and
author of Strum and Lull (2019), which
placed in Golden Walkman’s 2017 chapbook
competition. Her chapbook The Profusion
will be published in 2019.