Gemini Magazine
your arms feel so good,
don’t they?  i watch them
swing and move, raise when your hand
touches the top of your head,
searching.  i watch them twist
as they stretch up, pulling your ribcage
in a way that should probably look delicate
but doesn’t.  no.

i watch them lift when i crawl
up next to you in bed,
push myself up close in the
spot you’ve made
for me.
your arms, they made this spot, this spot
for me and
it is mine.

i watched them, they raised and here
i am,
curled against your body and you
tell me that it feels nice,
and i am thinking of your arms,
this space, that crawl
to meet you,
your heartbeat on mine,
and what a mistake this is that
you have made.
by Leigh Vandebogart
your arms
Leigh Vandebogart (above) lives in
Brooklyn and teaches special education
at a middle school in Queens. She's had
poems published in Other: ______, an
Albany poetry journal.