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Honorable Mention
$25 Award


by Laura Bissessar

The wind came to me unexpectedly today

We always had a good relationship

But I hadn’t felt her presence in a while

She always brought magic from the ocean

And told me everything would be fine

I’d been lonely without her

Not knowing if I was making good decisions

I wasn’t

So I welcomed her salty breath on my skin

The sticky feeling it brings comforted me

I breathed her in with serene familiarity

Her body danced blithely with my heart

And though the moment was brief

She quickly held my soul in her gentle waves

And filtered my pain into the sky


Laura Bissessar is a freelance writer and makeup artist based in South Florida. She began writing poetry to get through some hard times and finally worked up the courage to share it with those who could use some words of catharsis and healing. This is Laura’s first poetry publication. She is working on a book of poetry that embodies the unique struggles and successes of the millennial experience.

May 2023