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Second Prize
$100 Award


by Elizabeth Cerami

You spin me around, bare feet padding against the linoleum
I am your Brown Eyed Girl
You are my Lemonworld.
I laugh at you, and you laugh at me.
They say I’m a pessimistic optimist with a flair for sarcasm
And you’re a cynical idealist with a flair for dramatics.
I didn’t even mind you were still in love with your ex
I’ve been in love with the vision of a ghost
Who overdosed on the excess of a Golden Age
Still, we didn’t care.
Outside the balmy days of summer reach their crest, but in here
You, holding onto me
And me holding onto you
It feels like we could dance forever, together, in this room.


Elizabeth Cerami is a recent Media and Communications graduate where she had the exciting opportunity to study writing abroad at Oxford University. She loves to travel and is inspired by nature (daydreaming in English gardens as of late), and different artistic mediums around her. This piece is part of a longer, work-in-progress, book of poetry.

May 2023