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by Smokey Miles


I was on top of a mountain on some wild mountain range I looked down on the valley and everything was strange I saw these wretched people and dogs covered up with mange a voice came out of heaven that boomed out, “It’s time for change!”

We’ve been living in our ruts, we’ve been hiding ‘neath the bushes the world’s been going nuts, we been sitting on our tushes half the population is deranged – I believe it’s time for change.

I stared up to the heavens from where the voice come booming there was fire on the hillside but no bush it was consuming the scenery was rearranged – I knew it was time for change.

The cops were in the alleys, the soldiers stood there naked the bankers were the robbers, they could no longer fake it the sexes were exchanged – there just had to be a change.

I remember back to my youth when there was Wonderama now it’s altered in truth to Obama, Osama and yo mama wrestling with the demons of love and life and hope the melting pot is steaming with blood and strife and dope the cornerstones of everything have been crumbling ‘neath the strain and everyone is calling out for change.

The politicians heap their rhetoric on us, the bums want spare change, too in laundromats machines eat up quarters just like wolves if you ain’t got the right change what you gonna do?

Change is the only changeless, the tides will change as well the winds and the fashions, and even voodoo spells the rivers and the oceans, the land and the air they’re crying out for changes – look what we’ve done to these things here I feel it in my molecules, I feel it foot to thumb in crowds or deep in solitude – a change must surely come.


Smokey Miles (lyrics & lead vocals)

Daniel LaCob, aka Uberdan
(arrangement & video production: composed, performed, produced & edited all music & background vocals)

Bob “Smokey” Miles is a singer, songwriter, recording artist, poet, comedian, actor, multi-instrumentalist, writer and artist. His songs and compositions have been featured in numerous films and TV shows. He starred in “Dylan: Words and Music,” the only authorized stage musical about the life of Bob Dylan. A new film, “7 Deadly Sins: Inside the Ecomm Cult,” features Miles reciting his poetry. He is featured in music videos such as Bob Dylan’s “Must Be Santa” (as the accordion player), Enrique Iglesias’ “Lloro Por Ti,” Jamie Foxx’s “Extravaganza” and Slum Village’s “Tainted.” As his alter ego, Count Smokula, Miles won several awards, including Comedy Album of the Year from the Los Angeles Music Awards for “Authentic Sounds of Smokesylvania.”

Uberdan (Dan LaCob) hails from Connecticut. Growing up he learned to play piano, trumpet, drums, and always loved to make people laugh, but most importantly, think. He started producing music to poetic vocals in 2006, seeing this as a great way to reach people through social and political issues. Currently he is working on music for licensing in film, TV and commercials.

February 2010