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February 2022

“Further” by Quentin Burgess – Unsplash





POETRY OPEN RESULTS Congratulations to Joanne Jagoda of Oakland, California! She has won our 12th annual Poetry Open and the $1,000 prize for “A Moment Caught in Time.” Second prize: “Summer, Sweden” by Harry Stessel. Their poems and four honorable mentions will be published in late May.

$1,000 SHORT STORY PRIZE Results expected in June/July.

WE PRAY FOR AN END to the war in Ukraine. In 1968, Soviet tanks rolled into Czechoslovakia. Read what it was like from the eyes of a boy in Andrew Stancek’s “Always There, winner of our 2012 Flash Fiction Contest.

CHEERS to Gemini contributor Aurora M. Lewis for the publication of her collection Jazz Poems: Reflections on a Broken Heart (Bettejay Publishing)! Aurora’s writing is “spirited, provocative and deeply rewarding.” — Jerry Jazz Musician

CONGRATS to Gemini contributor Cindy Rosmus for her recent short story collection Backwards: Growing up Catholic, and Weird, in the 60s (Hekate Publishing)! Cindy takes readers on “a rambunctious road trip with no seatbelts.” — Subsynchronous Press

SITE CONSTRUCTION UPDATE Pages from the original Gemini site are being added daily. More than half have been rebuilt!