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Honorable Mention
$25 Award


by Donna Ginn

An L shaped building.

Thicker than most L’s.

All coated with red brick

And neatly iced with vanilla trim,

Piped on in thin controlled lines.

Slim silvers of windows. Why are they so narrow and thin?

Anorexic windows, are you asking me?

Barely peep holes for light and breeze.

I prefer big, gluttonous, profusely large,

Orgasmic, huge holes,

Those unembarrassed and over anxious vents hoping to be seen

Spreading wide and letting the day in,

Allowing the inward filling to flow outward, escaping into street and sky.

I see an L that is a loud obnoxious presence and a dancing of distorted space.

A jazz ensemble of squares where music is exhaled out

And then drawn in, sucking slowly,

To be relished and smacked over with guffaws. Ha! Ha! Ha!

The L shaped building needs more laughter

And much larger windows!

If you are asking me, are you?


Donna Ginn is a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator in Michigan. In her words she is overly friendly and welcoming to strangers.

April 2018