fiction, poetry & more


by Aurora M. Lewis

I was three when I met him
Home from Korea
This Daddy-Thing
Smelling of Old Spice
With hair pomade
Holding down his waves
I stood behind my mother
Clinging to her legs
Apprehensive as he reached
To lift me and look into my face
Then leave a wet kiss on my cheek
That I quickly wiped away
In his Army issued duffle bag
An embroidered pillow, the island of Japan
Purchased on leave from Seoul
Pearl earrings and satin slippers
A pink silk dress for my mother
For me blue silk pajamas
And a Japanese doll in a red kimono
To sit on a shelf away from childish hands
He slept in my mother’s bed
This Daddy-Thing
Leaving me to my crib
To hear his moans and groans
I thought he was hurting her
And later, oh how he did
Screams and shouts
Slaps and bouts
Making me ask Jesus
In my evening prayers to send
This Daddy-Thing back to Korea
Oh, how I longed


Aurora M. Lewis’ poetry chapbook, Forget-Me-Knots, is available from erbacce-press. A graduate of UCLA’s Creative Writing Certificate Program, Aurora has published poetry and fiction in Dreamers’ Reality, the Battered Suitcase, Up the Staircase, and Wordgathering.

July 2011