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by Michael Milburn 

I wouldn’t call it a rupture;
it was too gradual for that.
More a misunderstanding
that wasn’t spoken about
before she moved away

because I wasn’t positive
it was a misunderstanding
and didn’t want to confront
and create one at the same
time. Besides, I figured

we’d meet again the way
we always had, but didn’t
expect to turn into such a
homebody, unwilling to go
downtown even when she

came to town. So our lives
passed, and it’s over thirty
years since I saw her, ten
times the years I knew her,
ten times the lost chances.

We don’t know or want to
time’s breadth and danger
while in the midst of it
any more than we do
the ocean’s.


Michael Milburn teaches high school English in New Haven, CT. His book of poems, Carpe Something, was published by Word Press in June 2012.