fiction, poetry & more


by Patricia O’Donnell¬†

  1. The ground after leaves are raked, waiting for snow

  2. The line a bird leaves as it breaks through the air

  3. The space above where a bulb is planted

  4. A cancer cell, splitting into fullness

  5. The space between heartbeats

  6. The center of a wedding ring

  7. A stomach, after retching

  8. The seconds between sighs

  9. The repetition of the tide

  10. A pocket with one coin

  11. Silence after laughter

  12. Dawn on a city street

  13. Forgetfulness

  14. White space

  15. Sleep


Patricia O’Donnell is a professor of creative writing in the BFA Program at the University of Maine at Farmington. Her publications are primarily in fiction. Her fourth book, the novel The Vigilance of Stars, is available from Unsolicited Press.