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this again

by Caroline Reigel

someone’s husband says,     “she looks like a streetwalker.”
and i imagine what it would be like
to be able to walk the streets without looking
to wear my shirt without a bra
to feel my skin rub against the cotton
to let my nipples greet the chill of the wind
       give thanks for the autumn cool
the hair on my body coiffed with the crisp scent
             not cautious of attention.
                           my body.
                     soft            tart
i might wear a bra
i might show my chest,          the crest of my cleavage
and if i so choose
enjoy what my body looks like without waiting


Caroline Reigel‘s writing captures quiet moments and the visceral experience of being human. Her poetry can be found in Last Leaves Magazine, Summit Avenue Review, and Papeachu Review. Her creative nonfiction last appeared in Summit Avenue Review and Proof The Zine. Find Caroline at or on Instagram at @carolinereigel.

May 2024